Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Something different - Off the Front

Ol' Curly has turned to the creative dept for today's post... When it's done loading... you will see it.... nevermind... it's up now. Thanks to Cookie down in the creative dept. It's the first time we've done this at CurlyCorp so keep your feedback to yourself.... especially you "Anonymous".

Off the Front - First Episode

Regular Blog-type Spray

In the meantime... How pissy is that the the ASO-holes have once again shat on the nice, clean, waxed car of Unibet... Now they can't even ride Paris-Roubaix although lesser teams have been allowed. I may need make every Friday... "Crappy ASO-Hole Friday". I mean cripes... they have Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner, Agritubel, and Skil-Shimano... now there's some PRO teams we've heard alot from lately. This blog needs some sort of disclaimer: Further stupidity from ASO may result in Curly spontaneously bursting into flames.

OK... so I somehow managed a 7th place in the Sequim standings... AND I was able to film myself... No, I did not swap numbers with anyone... nor did I pay anyone off. Nor did I threaten to expose the boo boo on some sort of blog/vlog video...

I did do the blog and vlog thing... I just didn't threaten anyone.

Your Training: 24 X 60 min intervals... no rest... to help you get ready for STP.