Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Better now

OK... Coach Curly is better now. So much so that he was able to put together a magazine for you. Now this is a special magazine for just his pupils that follow the teachings of Ol' Curly. The cost to outsiders is a reasonable 13.00 Euros just like them other folks.

Now Curly is a little pissed this morning about his damned neighbors. It seems that they want to put some sewers in Curly's neighborhood. Now Curly knows that these things cost some serious gold in this day and age. But Curly is willing to part with that change for the greater good. No more septic pumpings... no more worries about the one footing on Curly's new deck that sits atop the septic tank... no more thinking about "is that smell normal?" So Curly gets it and is willing to take a 22K bill in the twig and berries. Curly's cheap ass, mo fo, never make their dogs shut up, always running their muscle-car engines at all hours, yard looks like crap neighbors don't want to make the change. They'd rather come on over to Ol' Curly house and ask for the septic guy's number who did Ol' Curly's drain field or pumped his tank. Well, Curly will have the last laugh... Curly used to be a real estate agent (retired once his deck and office were built) and Curly knows a few things about who to talk to and who knows what about property. We're gonna get that sewer system... you watch. Of course it helps that Curly knows the city council pretty well and that the mayor and him have lunch every now and then. Things are smellin' better.

How 'bout that Tirenno-Adriatico? Some more damned fine racing. Ol' Kloden pulled off an overall that nearly rivaled Contador's last minute rush. Bout time that Kloden got his. He's been the bastard stepchild for too long.

Your training: Ride in the rain... You'll need some more practice since it looks like we won't have any sun for a while. Look up and open your mouth every once in a while... to hydrate.


Anonymous Coach said...

WOW Curly... you really crossed the line with that one ya asshole. Yo uand all your big talk about coaching and stuff... Let's see you put me in one of those foh magazines.

Old as dirt said...

Better keep him away from my lucky charms or there'll be hell to play....was that Martiant???

Coach Curly said...

hmmmm... Martaint? Did you do that?